The ideal diet for you?

What is the ideal diet for you?

ideal diet - raw n easy

Especially with healthy food and also a lot in the raw food scene, everyone tells you something different about what is best to eat. High Carb, Low Carb, much fat, little fat, always raw or only raw till 4?

Who do you listen to?

In my opinion – even if many people probably don’t see it that way – there is no one ultimate diet for everyone, especially not for every phase or situation in life.

For me there are two main pillars for healthy eating:

Firstly, „cruelty free“, meaning no destruction in the production of our food, whether through the slaughter of animals, deforestation of the rainforest, and excessive use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides that kill everything, whether it is weeds, soil bacteria or insects. I know it is difficult to avoid all this completely, because spraying is also used in organic farming. But you can at least limit it a bit and it is a first step in the right direction.

My second principle is to use everything as unprocessed as possible in its natural state. Ingredients like sugar, oil and extract flour, which are all isolated substances. Sugar in a banana, mango or pear, which is very healthy for us, has nothing to do with the white crystal sugar obtained from highly cultivated sugar beets. The extracted sugar is completely free of the vitamins and minerals that the aforementioned fruit would provide you with at the same time as the sugar. As a result, the sugar binds minerals in the body and thus releases them from the places where they are actually needed – e.g. bones, teeth, hair. This is why it is often referred to as „mineral thief“. The same applies to oil and extract flours. These contain only the empty macronutrients such as fat and carbohydrates, but almost completely free of the original comprised vitamins and minerals.

Everybody is different and needs a different approach for healing

Apart from these basic pillars, I think that you have to decide very individually and adapted to your own body, which is the ideal nutrition for you. Some people tolerate fruit all day long as a fruitarian very well, while others lack the hearty meals in the long run. Or if one should only eat mono food or, for example gourmet raw food, also a lot of mixed food depends on the respective situation and also how long one is on the path of healing. Especially when changing to raw food it is very important not to be driven crazy by all these dogmas. As long as you eat less animal, poisonous (= heavily sprayed) and highly processed foods like sugar, oil and flour, you are on a very good path, don’t let yourself be driven crazy! I have often made the mistake of thinking ‚all or nothing‘. But especially when it comes to a change in diet, this is completely the wrong way to go. There may be a few people who like to leave out everything cooked overnight immediately and it is of course such people that we always want to orientate ourselves towards – it just sounds too tempting to switch immediately from processed industrial food to healthy raw food – but you should always remember that this is not the majority. Many (who perhaps don’t talk and write about it) have slowly but surely approached the topic and step by step brought in more and more raw food. And generally speaking, it is of course much better if you „only“ replace one conventional cooked meal with a raw food salad two or three times a week at the beginning or eat only fruit in the morning than if you don’t change anything at all and continue to eat bread with jam and cheese for breakfast every day and hamburger, pizza or steak for lunch.

It’s also no use if you’re fed up with the great barley grass or celery juice if you’re completely disgusted by it and don’t like the taste at all. We should always listen to our own feelings and do not have to act completely against our (momentary) taste of our body. Compulsion is useless! In time you will find out that the healthier option will taste better and better, but for the beginning orient yourself on the healthy things that you already like. Eat your fill of tasty grapes, honeydew melons or mangoes. Make yourself a juice in which you initially mix very little green, but more carrot, apple or cucumber, which is sweet and very mild in taste. Do what is good for you and tastes good, and don’t judge yourself because you don’t like pure wild herb juice or raw foods salad only with green leaves and nothing sweet in it.

Be easy on yourself on your path of healing

For example, I didn’t really like celery for a long time, let alone would have liked to drink the juice of it, but now I like it very much and love the fresh taste of celery juice in the morning! Now it does me good, but if I had drunk it when I found the taste repulsive, it would not have been good for me especially I wouldn’t have lasted long. Our body shows us when the next step is to make an even healthier change. Just stick with it and forgive yourself for small „missteps“!

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