How do I start?

Lemon Water - raw n easy

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When your first came in contact with all this information around a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating especially you might ask yourself how to start. Well I guess there’s no one fits all solution but there are basic steps from which you can choose. And I recommend you doing whatever feels easiest for you and not start with the hardest parts. That will disencourage you and you will stop before you really started. So start implementing more and more easy things and see the progress you made. Later you can get to the “harder” steps and implement them but often they don’t seem so hard anymore once you started with easier things that helped to detox and heal you which eventually might change your taste buds and cravings.

One of the smallest but greatly impacting changes you can do is start drinking lemon water. When something alive like lemon juice is added to the water that actually changes the energetic structure of the water so that your body is much more able to recognize that as something hydrating. So lemon water has the capacity to flush out much more toxins and deeply hydrate your cells. We are exposed to so many thousands of different chemicals 24/7 we need ways to get rid of them.

When speaking of water it’s also important to recognize that tap water is not clean water. It is contaminated with many harmful substances like hormones (women taking the pill over decades, it has to go somewhere), pharmaceutical residues (from almost everyone taking a pill here and there and prescription drugs), traces of heavy metals (through the piping system) and in some areas even fluoride is added (a toxic substance, even Wikipedia says that, look at the pictograms) and of course you always find residues of pesticides like glyphosate, herbicides and fungicides in tap water. You don’t want these substances in your body so get yourself a reverse osmosis filter. They don’t have to cost thousands of euros/dollar you can even built them on your own like I did. I just bought the instruction manual and the parts and could build it on my own. But of cause you can buy one if you don’t like working on that on your own.


The next easy step is so eat more of the healthy foods you already like. For me that was definitely fruits! Maybe you love bananas or mangos or pears or melons, berries, oranges, pineapples or whatever than just eat more of that especially in the morning. Since fruit is digested so quickly you should best eat them on an empty stomach for example for breakfast. So just start with eating a bunch of your favourite fruits in your day you can eat your normal breakfast afterwards if you want. But you might eat less of that because you already ate a pile of fruit. Or maybe you like tomato salad very much or guacamole or green beans with potatoes, whatever it is, start eating more and more of it for a good start.

A very nice option for all the sweets lovers out there is nicecream! It is basically frozen fruit, mostly bananas, put in a blender. You can add a bit of water for the consistency and dates if you want it even sweeter. And on top you could even add a bit op peanut butter for a peanut butter nicecream. Believe me you will love that as it tastes really nice and sweet, is very healthy and can be eaten daily (maybe not with peanut butter daily) and has enough calories to get you full for a greater period of time. Often we are craving shitty foods in the evening when we haven’t eaten enough throughout the day so make sure you eat enough calories for lunch and early afternoon like this nicecream and you won’t get that hard craving (or even none at all) later in the evening.

salad - raw n easy

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Of course salad is always a nice start to a healthier living but many of us don’t like them because of how we use to eat salad. It should never be boring. Try to be creative and implement different toppings like avocado, olives, hemp seed, dried tomatoes (rinsed in water some minutes before, makes a better consistency), fresh greens like parsley or chive, sprouts and last but not least a great dressing. I like to blend together dried tomatoes, zucchini, a bit of an onion, clove, tomato, dates and lemon juice and spices like smoked pepper for a very delicious sweet sour and savoury dressing. And for the start you can of course put some side dishes to your salad. Just eat it together with (or better before, because it gets digested very quickly) your normal dinner, so you will eat a bit less of that and a bit more salad.

In general try to eat more fresh raw foods (this often feels easier to do in the morning so start with that) and also unprocessed cooked or steamed vegetables in order to replace the unhealthy things you normally would eat. And don’t overwhelm yourself that doesn’t happen overnight. It is okay, if you eat crappy foods here and there as long as you slowly reduce their amount. You can do this 🙂

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