A toxic world

A toxic world - raw n easy

A toxic world

We live in a world where more and more people are getting chronic illnesses. Starting with diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases and all the smaller itches we consider already as normal – constipation, fatigue, brittle nails, receding or grey hair in our twenties? And even with all our technological improvements and research we should think it would help in making us healthier and living longer – but our anticipated average life is slowly decreasing! How is that possible?! Why are we doing all the research on illnesses if we are getting more and more ill and even have a shorter lifespan in the outcome?

Maybe we are not living that healthy after all. Maybe our modern ways of eating, living and even medical treatments are actually harming our health and so shortening our life. Where in detail does this all come from? Let’s take a look:


We are nowadays in contact with over 700,000 toxic chemicals on a daily basis. Our cloth, our furniture, cars and cleaning agents are full with toxic materials that are harmful for our bodies. That “new car smell” or when you buy new cloth? – Formaldehyde. In every step of the production of clothes are used so many different varieties of chemicals that it’s hard to keep up. Or how could you explain that lead (a toxic heavy metal which can lead to permanent brain damage, especially and that young age) is found in baby bibs? Phthalates where found in clothes like jeans – chemicals linked to cancer and damage to the reproductive system. Our cosmetic products are full with toxic materials – aluminum in deodorants, lead in eye shadow, PEG compounds in creams. These ingredients are known to be carcinogenic.

Medicine/Medical treatment

Have you ever read the full list of adverse effects on a package insert? Better not… you’ll find the most hilarious or horrible things on it: headache pills that lead to headache, antibiotics that can cause disability, cytostatic agents (that are used in chemo therapy) are known carcinogens. Yes you read right: Some drugs have the exact disease they are supposed to treat as a side effect! Apart from all the other side effects that the chemicals cause in your body. So why taking them at all? Because the doctor said so? Or health organizations? I think we need to question that…


Many different varieties of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides (glyphosate being the most known) through our food intake. And even if you go fully organic you still might get exposed to that because they are so widely sprayed that they are transported by the wind and contaminate the groundwater (which you will later on have in your tap water). But of course it’s better to avoid the main part by buying organic! But there chemicals are just the small amount you’ll get when you buy the whole food. When you buy instant meals or eat out you get a whole lot more. When you order for take away your food often is stored in aluminum or styrofoam trays which can emit aluminum atoms (heavily linked to Alzheimer’s) or styrol (which is toxic to the central nervous system) into our food. So much for the packaging now for the actual food. Processed foods contain a large variety of ingredients which already have proven negative effects on our health. Why they are still sold? Food companies make billions of dollars with that stuff so they of course won’t give that up easily and we all know how influential lobbies are on politicians. Anti-caking agents in salt are very small hard particles (which themselves are not particularly toxic) which cut open your arteries from the inside. You are of course not bleeding to death instantaneously but your body has to repair that every time you eat salt containing that. And how can you know what salt is used when you buy a precooked meal? This is not obligatory to list on the label. Monosodium Glutamate which is added to many processed foods is addictive and can cause many different health conditions such as asthma, depression, obesity, diabetes, and heart irregularities. Benzoates which are added to soda or condiments for example cause cancer and thyroid damage. Furthermore foods contain potassium bromate, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, butylated hydroxytoluene, nitrates and nitrites just to name a few which are all causing serious diseases. A more detailed list can be found here.

What to do instead?

So with all that information in mind what can we do to reduce or best avoid those toxic chemicals? The bad news first: It’s almost impossible (nowadays) to avoid all of them completely. But to calm you down: Our bodies are really magicians when it comes to deal with toxic substances. They only get into trouble when it’s such an overwhelming amount as we have it today! So it’s already very helpful and healing for our bodies to eliminate as many toxins as possible even when there are still some remaining.

  1. First step: Buy ORGANIC!

I know you will be tired of hearing that because it’s so “trendy” right now. But it makes such a HUGHE difference! Not just that the levels of toxic chemicals are lower and the levels of antioxidants higher even the structure of the plants is different!

But buying organic does not only apply for food also for your clothes or even furniture. Try to buy organic cotton or hemp clothing and bed sheets. That’s the stuff you have on your skin all day long.

  1. Second step: Use more natural products.

There are already many brands out there who sell better cleaning agents or natural cosmetics. You can even make your own! I have my own laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent powder, rinsing agent, deodorant, tooth powder and insect spray. Just google what you want to make on your own with the word ‘diy’ after it and you’ll finds lots of recipies.

  1. Eat as unprocessed as possible.

This is the most crucial step to my mind because you really are what you eat. So how can you be healthy and happy if you only eat toxic crap? How can you avoid toxins if you don’t even know what is all in your food? Have you ever read the ingredients list at a restaurant or at McDonald’s? When you prepare your own food you know what’s in there. You know everything is organic and fresh (if you ever worked at a restaurant you would be shocked about the quality of the food – but after it’s cooked it looks okay, so why bother). But when you make your own meals with as natural and unprocessed ingredients as possible you will have the lowest concentration of toxins in your food.

I know that all sounds like a lot of work and money at first. But in the end lots of the things are in fact cheaper, especially when you make a lot of things on your own weather it’s cleaning agents or food prep. And it can also be fun trying out those new things particularly with having your best health in mind!

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